June 27, 2014 from 1:00 PM-2:30 PM (Vallejo, California) — The New Dawn Vallejo Corporation (NDVC) in collaboration with Blue Rock Springs Golf Course hosted its First Golf Camp which is a prelude to the Summer for Success Program. This is the kickoff promotion prior to the start of the Summer for Success. Our aim is to continue this partnership with the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course.

This golf event is one of the many activities sponsored by NDVC for children and youth on summer break for school.  The event is being held at the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course, 655 Columbus Parkway, Vallejo California 94591.

Blue Rock Spring Golf Course donated the student golf memberships.  Our “free youth memberships” will allow the youth to attend golf camps, participate in play dates, use the golf course and learn how to appreciate and play golf.  There are no more free memberships for the Kids on Course at this time but other youth may participate by purchasing the $40 membership from Blue Rock Springs Golf Course.

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