New Dawn Vallejo’s mission is to promote revitalization and redevelopment in Solano County and to empower its citizens by stimulating economic, residential, communal and educational resurgence.



1. To offer “dFree” Economic Literacy Program to residents of Vallejo will receive debt counseling at no cost or nominal fee. Workshops, seminars, and an internet accessible video series will be available that will include methods to become debt free and stress the importance of financial freedom.

2. To improve the high school graduation rates provide academic enrichment, tutoring parental engagement and affordable after school sports.

3. To provide access to social, educational and economic programming.

4. To partner with the Work Force Investment Board to provide work force development and mentoring.

5. To establish a state of the art economic and technology empowerment programming for youth and disenfranchised families. (Computer Center, Individual Development Accounts, Etc.)

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