“Know Your Rights” Town Hall

The first major New Dawn Vallejo Corporation event was the Know Your Rights forum, held on October 11, 2014. It was held in response to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.


This community forum was hosted by the National Bar Association, California Association of Black Lawyers, Solano County Black Lawyers Association, Bay Area Black Prosecutors, New Dawn Vallejo Corporation, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Vallejo City Unified School District, Vallejo Faith Organization and North Bay Ministers Union of Vallejo and Vicinity.


The forum was extremely successful, with over 600 community members in attendance. More than 150 youth and young adults received information about their fourth amendment rights. The forum also served as the beginning of a closer relationship between communities of color and law enforcement.


Rev. Dr. Dante R. Quick, – Pastor, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Vallejo, CA

Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III – Friendship-West Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

Dr. Ramona Bishop – Superintendent, Vallejo City Unified School District

Krishna Abrams – Solano County District Attorney

Andrew Bidou – Chief of Police, City of Vallejo

Pastor Danny Jefferson – Vallejo Faith Organization

Pastor Rodney Leggett – North Bay Ministers Union of Vallejo and Vicinity

Terry Wiley – Senior Deputy District Attorney, County of Alameda

Kwixuan Maloof – Managing Felony Attorney, San Francisco Public Defender’s Office

Yolanda Jackson – General Counsel, National Bar Association