Our Story


The mission of New Dawn Vallejo Corporation is to promote revitalization and redevelopment in Solano County, and to empower its citizens by stimulating economic, residential, communal and educational resurgence.


New Dawn Vallejo Corporation (NDVC) is a community development corporation and was founded and established in 2013, as a charitable tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in California. NDVC was founded by Dr. Danté R. Quick, and was born out of the civil unrest that spread through cities like Vallejo and Oakland, CA. NDVC began with a vision of becoming a catalyst of true transformation in the city of Vallejo, and throughout Solano County, and works to make this vision a reality.


The first major NDVC event was the Know Your Rights forum, held on October 11, 2014. It was held in response to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. This community forum was hosted by the National Bar Association, California Association of Black Lawyers, Solano County Black Lawyers Association, Bay Area Black Prosecutors, New Dawn Vallejo Corporation, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Vallejo City Unified School District, Vallejo Faith Organization and North Bay Ministers Union of Vallejo and Vicinity. The forum was extremely successful, with over 600 community members in attendance. More than 150 youth and young adults received information about their fourth amendment rights. The forum also served as the beginning of a closer relationship between communities of color and law enforcement.

Shortly after the Know Your Rights Forum, an Executive Collaborative was formed to begin planning for our summer signature programs: iballVallejo™-Late Night Basketball and Summer of Success Youth Enrichment Camp.

iballVallejo™-Late Night Basketball program started in the summer of 2015 and serves nearly four-hundred students. A direct result of the relationships built at the “Know Your Rights Forum”, the goal of the program is to reduce conflict, violence, and juvenile crime in Vallejo, by providing a safe and nurturing environment for them, on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition to playing basketball, students participated in educational presentations and were able to sign up for and receive health services.

Summer of Success serves over eighty students, providing them opportunities to improve their academic skills, broaden their horizons, and improve their soft skills. In past summers, students visited the Google campus. Here they learned what it takes to be employed at Google, as well as the many benefits of being an employee. Community members continue to share stories about the positive impact of the programs on the students and the volunteers.

The NDVC Executive Collaborative consists of the following community partners: Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Vallejo Police Department, Solano County Probation Department, Solano County District Attorney’s Office, Solano County Sheriff’s Department, Solano County Health and Social Services, Vallejo City Unified School District and Vallejo City Council.

As a result of this collaborative planning all NDVC’s programs are, and remain, incredibly successful.


Following the institution of the two signature programs, NDVC was able to begin and maintain the following programs:

NDVC first presented the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement in 2014, and has helped hundreds of Solano County residents in their goal to become debt-free.  dfree® is designed to educate, motivate and support participants as they work to achieve financial freedom through faith-based guidance, which keeps them focused on their purpose so that they can take action to achieve specific goals that will secure their future. Learn more.

Summer of Success Pre-Kindergarten Academy began in 2018 and is in Partnership with First 5 Solano.  Through this program NDVC is able to offer an introduction to the classroom setting to children entering Transitional-Kindergarten or Kindergarten (ages 4 and up) who lack or have limited prior preschool experience. Learn more.

The CSU Summer Bridge Math Institute (formerly CSUS Summer Algebra Institute) – NDVC was first presented in 2015 in partnership with the Vallejo City Unified School District, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, and the Vallejo Police Department.  This exciting program is offered to incoming 6th-11th grade students and is a free six-week, intense, and fun course designed to improve students’ math skills in the critical subject of Algebra. Learn more.

Hallelujah Festival occurs every October 31st and is a community-wide Fall Festival. The Hallelujah Festival is a free event open to the residents of Vallejo and nearby cities. Food, games, candy, health resources and more are all provided free to the community. Learn more.

NDVC looks forward to continuing the positive work it does through the programs offered in the Vallejo community.  These efforts are made to improve the lives of Vallejo and Solano County residents and families.


  • To offer an economic literacy program to residents of Vallejo who will receive debt counseling at no cost or nominal fee.
  • To improve the high school graduation rates, provide academic enrichment, tutoring, parental engagement and affordable after school programs.
  • To provide access to social, educational and economic programming.
  • To partner with community agencies to provide work force development and mentoring to youth and adults.
  • To establish a state-of-the-art economic and technology empowerment program for youth and disenfranchised families (computer center, individual development accounts, etc.).
  • To assist residents and families in Solano County affected by mental illness.
  • To find a building in the City of Vallejo that will house all the NDVC programs and events.