Real Talk

Real Talk College Prep Event

As a part of New Dawn’s pre-college preparation, the Real Talk college-prep program was been created to allow middle school, high school, and graduating high school seniors a chance to hear from students who have just completed their first year of community college, a four-year college, a trade, or the military.

The presentation is panel-style and panelists provide their first-hand year-one experience and answer questions that middle school and high school may have as they prepare to either begin college in the fall, are simply trying to find out more about the college experience, or are trying to determine which path they’d like to take following high school.

Students in attendance will be paired with a “Peer Mentor”, who will be one of the presenting panelist. This Peer Mentor will keep in contact with his/her Mentee and be available to answer questions the student may have as the student determines their path.

Graduating High School Seniors in attendance will be invited to come back and be a panelist participant the following year with a mission of help youth and young adults invest in each other.

Registration for Real Talk 2020 will open April 2020!