Vallejo Anti-Gentrification Program

Vallejo Anti-Gentrification Program (VAP)

New Dawn Vallejo Corporation (NDVC) is working with realtors in and around the City of Vallejo to launch the “Vallejo Anti-Gentrification Program” (VAP). This program is being designed to assist with decreasing the effect of gentrification in the City of Vallejo.

The goals of this program are to educate, empower and encourage. We will be working together to plan a program for those in our community so they are prepared with the tools they need to be able to purchase property in their own city and not be pushed out by the effects of gentrification. Through this program we will work to help participants decrease debt and align themselves to be able to accomplish any of the following:

Housing stability
Get out of student loan debt
Starting a Business

This program will be connected to the dfree® concept which will act as the core economic lever.

The goal is to present this program in late 2019 and NDVC looks forward to the impact it will have on all those participating.