Vallejo Housing Stability Program

Vallejo Housing Stability Program (VHSP)

New Dawn Vallejo Corporation is working with realtors in and around the City of Vallejo to launch the Vallejo Housing Stability Program (VHSP) in 2020.  This team, referred to as the VHSP Committee, is working hard to create a program that is designed to assist with educating citizens around homeownership and housing stability.

The goals of this program are to educate, empower and encourage with the hopes of decreasing the effect of displacement in the City of Vallejo. 

As a part of the Vallejo Housing Stability Program participants will focus on the following:

•  Member Education
•  *Financial Literacy
•  Homeownership and Housing Stability
•  Multiple Streams of Income

The VHSP Committee looks forward to the impact this program will have on all those who participate.

*This program will be connected to the dfree® Financial Freedom concept which will act as the core economic lever.