YRG Mentor Program

YRG Mentor Program

The YRG Mentor program is designed to match high school students with culturally relevant mentors for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks. Mentors will meet weekly with the mentee in a safe and neutral setting, such as the library, coffee shop, etc. The location must be easily accessible for the mentee.

Referrals will come from Vallejo schools for youth whose behavior could lead them to have contact with the justice system if not otherwise interrupted.

The mentor will discuss the reason the mentee was referred to the program, the possible consequences of their actions, encourage them to make positive choices, provide support, and identify other needs the mentee might be facing that we could help with.

The mentoring program will focus on ensuring young people stay in education, aren’t involved in gang culture or anti-social behavior, and work hard to achieve the goals they set.

Incentive gift cards will be provided to the mentors to give to their respective mentees to encourage and reward the mentee’s participation.

Mentors will need to complete the following:

  • Mentor Application
  • Live Scan fingerprinting process
  • Attend XLM Mentor Training
  • Attend Getting Relationships Right Training
  • Once placed with a mentee, meet with him/her on a weekly basis for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks
  • Complete and submit weekly feedback sheets
  • Attend once-a-month joint mentor meetings

All training, both initial and future skill based training, will be provided at no cost to the mentor.

Mentor training will be provided on January 24th and 25th, 2020by three UK based trainers using the XLM model from London, England. Attendance at this training is required.

Getting Relationships Right training will be provided on *November 2nd, 2019. Attendance at this training is required.

*Additional training’s will be offered in 2020 as this is an ongoing program and Mentors will be needed on an ongoing basis.

YRG Mentor Program is based on the XL-Mentoring model.  The XL-Mentor Program is about hope. It is about accompanying young people who are struggling and helping them to see alternatives to what can sometimes seem a hopeless situation. Currently, XLM mentors approximately 300 inner city youth in London. All services are provided by volunteer mentors. In 2018, XLM received a blemish free accreditation inspection!